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Apr 13, 2020
In Pennsylvania
If you are looking for the best elk guides in the PA elk range, at driving around in a truck all day, shooting elk from the road and doing anything but actually hunting elk, then these guys are your outfitter! This was proven while I was on my 2017 diy cow hunt in zone 10. Their guides continually drove up and down the same road all day, nonstop, until they could finally get an elk on the open side of the road that their clients could jump out and shoot. Their guides also tried to get me to leave the area, claiming that all of the elk had left the hill before season (obviously not knowing I had done my homework) and two different times they walked out to me stating that they "thought I was one of their guys", ruining the area I was watching. I was shamed by one for planning on shooting a cow out of the herd if big bulls were in it. I finally connected on my cow at about 1:30pm out of a herd that contained a bull that was killed in 2018 (by a real outfitter) and scored well over 400". Pretty sad when the DIY hunter just got off the road and got on the huge bull before them.... Their hunters shot a calf and the smallest bull that I saw in the area, next to the spike I saw. I won't even get into their methods of killing them, because for some reason the officer failed to ever follow up with me on what I reported to him when he checked out my cow and to the officer at the check station. So, if you are looking for a world class drive around the beautiful woods of PA in hopes of a road elk, then have at it with these guys. 👍👍. They asked us the leave a review here on their Facebook page, so I figured I would gladly help.
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