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Samuel T Curry
Nov 01, 2018
In Canada
I recently hunted in Alberta with Northern Tales Outfitters for moose and black bear combo hunt. The hunt itself was unlike anything I have ever done. We stayed out in the bush miles from anything and yet we had many more amenities than I ever thought possible. Don has the equipment to take you into areas that most hunters can not access. We hunted for 6 days and never heard or saw another human being. We saw moose daily even with the cold temperatures. We were on an archery hunt but after 5 days of striking out we ended up killing with a rifle. I have been with several outfitters all around the world and I have yet to find one who worked harder to get us a shot than Don did. Even with the cold temperatures and the bears all but denned up for the year we stiil managed to kill a big boar on the last evening. All in all we have rebooked to hunt both spring black bear and next fall mule deer and moose. If you want the real Canadian experience you have to give this guy a chance. If you do go make sure and request his wife sends an apple pie with him!!!!
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Samuel T Curry

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